Presidential Primary Source Project

IKEducation regularly provides programs for the Presidential Primary Source Project, a partnership between Internet2, the National Park Service, and the National Archives and Records Administration that transports students to places that helped shape our nation’s past presidents’ lives through online programs.

IKEducation recently co-presented From General to President to Me. This program was a collaboration between educators at Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, the Ulysses Grant National Historic Site, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Students learned about the strong character traits it took for these great men to lead our nation and how students can practice these character traits in their own lives.

IKEducation also teamed up with the National Mall and Memorial Park in Washington, D.C. to explore and investigate both the World War II and Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorials. Educators at all three sites examined the quotes, symbols and stories within each memorial.