Partnership in Creating 3D Immersive Learning

When students come to visit us at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, we provide hands-on and engaging programs and activities. In March 2020, when schools went virtual due to the pandemic, we searched for a new way to continue to provide students with an interactive, inquiry-based learning experience and found Cappasity 3D imaging.

The Cappasity 3D imaging solution provides students the ability to explore and investigate our historical artifacts without being in-person. Local photographer Kristy Kohman of True Blessings Studio provides a specific type of images of each artifact to Cappasity who then uses their software to provide us with an incredible new teaching tool!

Thanks to Cappasity, thousands of students continue to interact with our artifacts and other primary sources as they participate in virtual programs created by IKEducation. They can zoom-in on the artifact, rotate it around, and examine its details. 

As IKEducation adapts to virtual education and works towards launching a new online primary source library, Cappasity 3D imaging solution has given educators an opportunity to engage students in a completely new and exciting way!

Learn more here about IKEducation's partnership with Cappasity. For an example of an IKEducation program using 3D artifacts, click on Attic Artifacts and scroll through the pages using the side arrows.