Estate Gift Received from Former Eisenhower Speechwriter

Recently, the Eisenhower Foundation was honored to receive a gift from the estate of Robert “Bob” Kieve. Mr. Kieve joined President Eisenhower’s White House staff in 1953 as a speechwriter. In 2017, Mr. Kieve spoke about his experience at the Eisenhower Legacy Gala. He shared humorous recollections of “suffering the Eisenhower pencil” — a poke at Ike’s tendency to edit everything. Mr. Kieve was also a recipient of the Eisenhower Legacy Award for his efforts to champion the life, leadership and legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Mr. Kieve’s lifework was in the radio industry. Born in New Jersey, Kieve attended Harvard University, where he worked at the college radio station. After graduating in 1943, he worked in the Office of War Information for the State Department in Madrid Spain, becoming involved in radio while there.

After working in the Eisenhower Administration, he ran radio stations in Rochester, NY, before moving to San Jose, CA, in 1967. There, he built Empire Broadcasting Company, serving as the company’s president for decades. Mr. Kieve spent over 70 years on air. He was beloved by San Jose, where December 9th is “Bob Kieve Day” in his honor.

The Eisenhower Foundation is grateful to the Kieve family as this gift will ensure the legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower is shared with future generations. Planned gifts are especially meaningful to the Eisenhower Foundation. If you have included the Eisenhower Foundation in your own estate plans, we thank you for your generosity and invite you to become a member of Club Eisenhower, our planned giving program. For more information, visit our website,