2021 Dickinson County (KS) Donate Day: A Record Year!

The Community Foundation of Dickinson County, Kansas, held their third-annual Dickinson County Donate Day on Friday, March 26, 2021. In typical fashion, Eisenhower Foundation donors from all over the country answered our call: If we raised $10,000, it would be matched with $5,000 from the Community Foundation of Dickinson County and $5,000 from a loyal donor.

After all donations to the Eisenhower Foundation were counted, $43,021 was raised — a record-setting year for our organization — with over 100 gifts received from individuals in 20 states, in addition to our home state of Kansas. We are honored by this outpouring of support.

These donations will be added to our Endowment Fund, held by the Community Foundation of Dickinson County, where it is invested and managed. Since 2019, the Eisenhower Foundation has raised $122,000 for this fund by participating in Donate Day.

As the Eisenhower Foundation continues to plan for the next 75 years, we realize that a healthy endowment is vital to our future success. Dickinson County Donate Day has been a catalyst in growing our Endowment Fund. As always, we thank the Community Foundation of Dickinson County for organizing this event, and our donors for their commitment to our cause.