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Eisenhower Foundation World War II Honor Roll

Above all else, Dwight D. Eisenhower was a soldier. Join us in paying tribute to the men and women who served with General Eisenhower by submitting a veteran's story to our World War II Honor Roll.

The World War II Honor Roll is maintained through the support from our generous donors. We appreciate gifts of all amounts and we thank you for helping to preserve this rich history for future generations.

Lemuel Paschal Adams Paschal

Adams, Lemuel Paschal

Russell D Aikins D

Aikins, Russell D

Thomas E Ainsworth E

Ainsworth, Thomas E

Malcolm C Akey C

Akey, Malcolm C

Roy O Alber O

Alber, Roy O

Cass J Alesiat J

Alesiat, Cass J

Raymond C Allen C

Allen, Raymond C

Bert B Allinder B

Allinder, Bert B

Mitchell L Allmon L

Allmon, Mitchell L

Garland Howard Allred Howard

Allred, Garland Howard

James R Allred R

Allred, James R

Walter L Allred L

Allred, Walter L

William B Allred B

Allred, William B

Lawrence C Altmann C

Altmann, Lawrence C

Marlin L Ames L

Ames, Marlin L

Margaret C Amoroso C

Amoroso, Margaret C

Victor  Amoroso

Amoroso, Victor Sr.

Verl "Andy" D Anderson D

Anderson, Verl "Andy" D

Jesse W Anthony W

Anthony, Jesse W

Louis P Antolini P

Antolini, Louis P

Jack R Armstrong R

Armstrong, Jack R

Raymond E Armstrong E

Armstrong, Raymond E

Gene V Arnold V

Arnold, Gene V

Harold F Arnold F

Arnold, Harold F

Raymond R Ascher R

Ascher, Raymond R

Lawrence R Ashton R

Ashton, Lawrence R

Vernon S Atwood S

Atwood, Vernon S

Leonard A Baer A

Baer, Leonard A