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Ike Express Request Form

  1. field trip request form header

  2. Questions? Contact Brooke Woodworth, IKEducation Coordinator • • 785-263-6771

  3. Please enter the number of students and classes that will be participating in programs. (For example: 3 classes of 25 students each)

  4. Please enter the grade level(s) of the students participating in programs.

  5. Photo Permissions*

    I consent to the Eisenhower Foundation taking photographs/video during the course of the reverse field trip for publicity, promotional, and/or educational purposes (including publications, presentation or broadcast via newspaper, internet or other media sources) by the Eisenhower Foundation and/or Eisenhower Presidential Library. I do this with full knowledge that this consent abides by the photo consent policy of my school district. I waive all claims for compensation for use or damages.

  6. If you answered yes to the previous photo permissions question, does your school have social media accounts or hashtags that you would like tagged in any posts we may make?

  7. Please use this space to describe any special accommodations or needs your group may have.

  8. Please use this space to add any additional notes that might help our staff serve you better. For example, do you have a specific goal or objective for your students on this reverse field trip?

  9. How did you hear about IKEducation?

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