Dear Mr. President

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Students are never too young to practice the American right to share their concerns with elected officials. In this program, students analyze children’s letters to President Eisenhower, noting their purpose and topics of the 1950s—from Elvis’s haircut to civil rights. They then practice civic engagement by writing their own letter to the current President of the United States about an issue that concerns or interests them.


This interactive program was offered live

 on May 5th, 2020

through the 

National Archives Distance Learning

for Students. If you were unable to join us live, you can still view and participate along with the recording on YouTube:
Follow these easy steps to prior to watching this class: 

1. Print out OR be able to view the Letter Analysis worksheet, the Letter from Phyllis Ann Barnes, any one of the other Student Letters to Ike.
2. Have a couple pages of paper and a pencil OR a blank document page on your computer ready for you to write a letter to the White House. 

Letter Analysis Worksheet

Dear Mr. P Letter Analysis

Letter from Phyllis Ann Barnes

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Student Letters to Ike

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Write the White House

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