The Holocaust was a deliberate and systematic extermination of European Jews during World War II. As the Allied Powers fought Nazi Germany's domination of Europe, Adolf Hitler's henchmen were carrying out a mass annihilation of the Jews in Europe at their numerous concentration camps. The total number of Jews murdered during this genocide has been estimated to be nearly 6 million. Besides European Jews, there were many other groups targeted for destruction. They included the handicapped, mentally ill, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals and political dissidents. When Allied forces made their way far enough into Nazi-held territories to find the concentration camps, it was General Eisenhower who insisted that the atrocities be documented so that no one could claim this never happened, and so those responsible could be held accountable. 

  1. Documents
  2. Photographs
  1. Adolf Hitlers Private Will, Marriage Certificate and Political Testament
  2. Cable, Eisenhower to Marshall Concerning Nazi Horrors
  3. Cable, Marshall to Eisenhower Authorizing Visits to Congress
  4. Cable, Winston Churchill to DDE Regarding Inspections Team to Ohrdurf Camp
  5. G-2 Report No.307, The Hasag Panzerfaust Factory and Concentration Camp
  6. Investigation Report on Atrocities Committed by Germans
  7. Letter, Alexander Frieder to Eisenhower Regarding Viscoty in Europe
  8. Letter, Dr. Israel Goldstein to Eisenhower in Response
  9. Letter, Eisenhower to Alexander Frieder in Response
  10. Letter, Eisenhower to Marshall Concerning German Internment Camp
  11. Letter, Eisenhower to Patton in Response
  12. Letter, Eisenhower to Truman Concerning Jewish Displaced Persons
  13. Letter, Eisenhower to Truman Concerning Jewish Vicitms
  14. Letter, Patton to Eisenhower Concerning the Camp at Ohrdurf and Weimar
  15. Letter, Rabbi Philip to Maxwell Rab Regarding 10th Anniv. of Liberation
  16. Letters, Harold Porter, Served in WWII With the 116 Evacuation Hospital in Europe
  17. Memo, Maxwell Rabb to Kevin McCann Regarding Bernstein Letter
  18. Night Letter, Eisenhower to Dr. Israel Goldstein
  19. Part II, General Intelligence, The Discovery of Hitlers Will
  20. Press Conference, Eisenhower at the Pentagon
  21. Report, Atrocities Commited by Germans Against the Civilian Pop of Belgium
  22. Report, Dachau
  23. Report, Earl G. Harrisons, Mission to Europe
  24. Report, Ecomonic Life in Poland
  25. Report, Inspection of German Concentration Camp at Buckenwalk
  26. Report, SHAEF Evaluation and Dissemination Section
  27. Suggested Matierial for DDE for His Speech to the United Jewish Appeal
  28. Telegram, Eisenhower to Churchill Regarding Inspections Teams to Ohrduf Camp
  29. Telegram, Eisenhower to President Truman