Topical Research Files

The Eisenhower Presidential Library is one of 13 Presidential Libraries administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. They preserve the documents and artifacts of our Presidents, providing insight into the times in which these Presidents lived and served the nation. The Eisenhower Presidential Library consists of approximately 26 million pages of historical records and papers, 335,000 photographs, 768,000 feet of original motion picture film, 70,000 artifacts. When researchers visit, it may take days or weeks to find the documents that are key to the topic they are researching. However, the archivists and educators at Eisenhower Presidential Library have created multiple student research files that contain several key primary documents for each topic. Some of these topic files will also include photographs from the Library's holdings as well as other suggested secondary sources or helpful links. 


Abilene Years, 1890 - 1910:

Ike’s Abilene Years

Military Years 1911 - 1951:

1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoy 

Ardennes Campaign: Battle of the Bulge 

D-Day Deception Plans

Displaced Persons during World War II

Jacqueline Cochran & The WASPs 

Monuments Men 

World War One 

World War Two: D-Day, The Invasion of Normandy 

World War Two: The Holocaust

Psychological Warfare during World War II

The Korean War

Presidential Years (1952 - 1961):

1953 Presidential Inauguration 

1957 Presidential Inauguration 

Aerial Intelligence During the Cold War 

Agriculture, Policy and Problems

Alaska Statehood 

American Indians

Animals in Service to their Country

Atoms for Peace 

Camp David 

Civil Rights Act of 1957 

Civil Rights: Brown Vs. Board of Education 

Civil Rights: Eisenhower Administration 

Civil Rights: Emmett Till Case 

Civil Rights: Letters on Little Rock Crisis 

Civil Rights: Little Rock Integration Crisis 

Cranberry Scare

Design of 49 & 50-Star Flags 

Echo Park

Farewell Address 

Hawaii Statehood 

Homeland Security; Civil Defense Program

International Geophysical Year (IGY) 

Interstate Highway System 

Mamie Eisenhower

Massive Retaliation

McCarthyism / The "Red Scare" 

Migratory Labor, General

Migratory Labor, Harvest of Shame

Migratory Labor, Operation Wetback

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) 

Movie, On the Beach, Hollywood vs Government

People-to-People Program 


Salk & Polio Vaccine 

Sputnik & Space Race 

St. Lawrence Seaway 

U-2 Spy Plane Incident 

U.S. and Indochina

U.S.S. Nautilus 

Women in the 1950s