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Field Trip Request Form

  1. contact information

  2. There are so many great things to see and do here! Please make sure you have allowed enough time to fit in all the activities you choose.

  3. Every IKEducation field trip includes a customized schedule to fit your preferences and time constraints. Please complete the following so we can ensure an educational and memorable day for your students.

  4. Please enter the number of students per grade level who will be attending the field trip.

  5. Schools are allowed one free adult chaperone per every five students. Extra adults will need to purchase admission tickets upon arrival.

  6. In the Museum *

    If your students are exploring the Presidential Museum, would you like one of the following interactive materials provided?

  7. Boyhood Home Supplement*

    If your elementary students are exploring the Boyhood Home, would you like the following interactive material provided?

  8. Photo Permissions*

    I consent to the use of photographs/video taken during the course of the field trip for publicity, promotional, and/or educational purposes (including publications, presentation or broadcast via newspaper, internet or other media sources) by the Eisenhower Foundation and/or Eisenhower Presidential Library. I do this with full knowledge that this consent abides by the photo consent policy of my school district. I waive all claims for compensation for use or damages.

  9. Please use this space to describe any special accommodations or needs your group may have.

  10. Please use this space to add any additional notes that might help our staff serve you better.

  11. How did you hear about IKEducation?

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