Teacher Workshops

Professional Development

We know teachers work hard all year to do more and more for their students. They fulfill new standards and test requirements, cover more material in less time and adapt the latest technologies, while continuing to inspire and entertain young minds.

The Eisenhower Presidential Center and IKEducation want to help educators accomplish all of this. Our teacher workshops, provide access to amazing primary sources, academic historians, and knowledgeable staff who can reignite a teacher’s passion for teaching and learning. Email us for more information about upcoming workshops. 



The Eisenhower Presidential Library is a part of the National Archives System and an excellent resource for provoking ideas and inspiring your students to interact with history. We are here to help create a portal for students to travel back in time to the launching of the D-Day invasion or the desegregation of our public school system. Let's work together to teach students about the past so they can realize that they are the next generation to add to America's great story. Whether doing your own research, or providing an in-depth research experience for your students, email us to utilize the Eisenhower Presidential Library research files.